English-German translations
German-English translations
English-German translations
German-English translations

Business texts
Technical documentation
Contracts and NDAs
Christian books


Spelling, grammar, punctuation – is your text error-free?


Transcribing German audio files, translating English audio files straight into German

Translating official documents

Translating official documents, references, certificates, degree certificates


Translating subtitles for films, series and documentaries or corporate presentations


Interpreting at Christian meetings


As a state-certified translator, I know that a good translation involves more than just looking up words in a dictionary. A high-quality translation is only possible if the translator is familiar with the specialist subject, the cultural context and the customer’s specifications.

I am a native German speaker, so I mainly translate from English into German. If necessary, my translations from German into English are proofread by a native English speaker.

If you are not sure whether I am the right translator for your text, please give me a call and I am sure I will be able to help you.


Languages are constantly changing and developing. Are you up-to date? Is your customer correspondence “presentable”?

I can check your texts to ensure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct and, if necessary, I can examine the text for stylistic elements too. As a native German speaker, I mainly proofread and edit German texts (and translations into German).

Transcribing audio files

Do you have an audio file that you need in text form? I transcribe the minutes of meetings or interviews, for example.

Do you have an English sermon and would like to prepare a German voice-over or need the text in German first? I translate English audio files straight into German, too.

I provide each transcription with a time code and I indicate where there is a change of speaker. The price is calculated per audio or video minute, regardless of the volume of text. However, the speed at which the text is spoken and any dialect will affect the price.

Translating official documents

As an officially recognized and authorised translator for English, I can translate your official documents such as contracts, certificates, degree certificates, references etc. and confirm that the translation matches the original document that was sent (what is known as “certification”).

Universities, schools, registry offices or the immigration authorities usually need legal documents as certified translations. This means the official translation is valid for international legal transactions.

I can translate and certify the following documents for you: birth certificates, marriage certificates, apostilles, death certificates, dismissal notices, certificates of divorce, acknowledgments of paternity, powers of attorney, certificates of adoption, certificates of incorporation or baptism certificates. I can also translate and certify your job reference, your school-leaving certificate, your certificate of good conduct, your singleness certificate, your master craftsman’s qualifications or your degree certificate.

If the kind of text that you need translated is not listed here, please contact me. I am sure I can help you.


Subtitles always have to be short and precise. They are therefore very different from texts used to dub films.

I mainly translate subtitles for American and British movies/films and series. Do you have a company presentation that needs subtitles? I can also help you with creating and translating subtitles.


Translating written texts and interpreting the spoken word require a very different approach and different skills are needed. I concentrate on translating texts in my office and only interpret to a very limited degree in a Christian context.