My name is Ricarda Colditz and I am a state-certified translator for English and German. I was always fascinated by languages, worked in the USA and UK for several years and picked up a cultural feel for translating. I originally completed my training as a European secretary, then completed a correspondence course to become a management assistant and finally started my translation studies. A high-quality translation is only possible if the translator is familiar with the specialist subject, the cultural context and the customer’s specifications.

The golden thread running through my professional career has involved the recurring themes of quality assurance and customer service. During my five years in England, I worked in customer services for the automotive and IT industry. I obtained the typical qualification known as the “NVQ Level 3 in Customer Service”. Once I was back in Germany, I worked for almost five years in quality assurance and quality management for three companies (which manufactured Bowden cables for car doors, cast iron parts and high-temperature insulation products). I started to do more and more translating and interpreting work and finally began a correspondence degree course to become a qualified translator during this time. I now work as a freelance state-certified translator and also teach English to adults at evening school.

The golden thread running through my private life is my Christian faith. I was always an active church member during the time that I spent in the USA and in England. I was a cell group leader and helped to organised the Luton Prayer Initiative (now part of Transforming Luton). As a pastor’s wife, I now translate Christian books, articles and sermons. You will find a few examples here:

And what do you translate?

Christian books are my favourites.